Actionable Gamification | Fields of Application

Gamification Marketing and Lead Generation


Client was looking for a marketing campaign program that can be implemented for their internal employees.


Key Customer Objectives

  • Over 15,000 leads generated by internal staff within 4 months
  • One of the least costly marketing expense
  • Project was permanently implemented after the success of first and second pilot program
  • Implemented gamification can be applied into other business areas aside from marketing

Gamification on Workshop Training

Provide a training platform for all client trainers and allow trainers to administer their own content and game design for their own respective materials.

Key Customer Result

  • Trainers were excited and trainer evaluator
  • Successfully transfer the knowledge on how to gamified training to ILSAS trainers
  • Successfully completed experience learning session with trainers

Gamification on Employee Social Engagement

Audience were exhibiting challenged behavior, not paying attention. Entering and exiting training hall and low knowledge retention after training

Key Customer Statistics

  • Single largest player base for a single time
  • Applied to elderly audiences and across both genders
  • Audience participation close to 95%
  • Feedback from all 100% participants were positive

Gamification on Product and Service Awareness

Client needed an interesting and engaging platform where they can deliver product and service awareness quickly to all 30,000 plus employees globally.  The platforms needs to be a digital platform with immediate and real time feedback to monitor engagement development and progress.

Key Customer Statistics

  • Deployed gamification across multiple geographic locations and running concurrently.
  • Gamification participants were voluntarily selected and registered on the platform.
  • Audience competitiveness includes both individual and team based challenges.
  • Gamification involves executives and game moderators as well.

Gamification on Inbound Upselling

Client needed a more exciting push factor for the agent to promote their world cup packages but at the same time to learn about the package and how to sell it.

They are trying to change inbound agent behavior to be more aggressive in upselling their packages.

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Sales Increase
0 %

Key Customer Statistics

  • Successfully trained the agent on the package
  • Sales increased by 400% compared to normal upselling programs
  • ROI met during days of the roll out and surpass the investment

Gamification on Behavior Drive


  • Cultivate a supportive work environment.
  • To motivate and incentivize employees who demonstrate desired behaviors.
  • Reinforce linkage between employees performance and organizational goals.
  • A surprise activity which will boost team spirit and help increase retention and engagement.

Key Customer Statistics

  • Successfully provided instant recognition on digital platform
  • Also drive the middle management team to encourage the “complimenting behavior”
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