Use of Gamified Microlearning for Corporate Training

Use of Gamified Microlearning for Corporate Training

The last few years have seen a wider acceptance of gamification techniques for corporate learning. It has been widely acknowledged that using gamified microlearning helps boost the learning impacts. 


Form induction training and onboarding to other training needs like soft skills, professional training, etc, the use of gamification has shown significant positive results. Microlearning based training is now being considered as the preferred choice for job aids. 

With the acceptance of the fact that both gamification and microlearning boost employee performance, it is only logical that trainers started seeing the value of combining the two approaches.

The article runs through all the specifics of the combination and its value in the corporate world. It also enlists the brief steps required to combine gamification and microlearning.

Let us first start with a quick understanding of microlearning and its need in the corporate world. 

Microlearning and its relevance in corporate sectors

Microlearning, as the word signified, is a short, nugget sized training that doesn’t run for more than 10 minutes at a time. It is specifically designed to be a bite-sized dose that meets a specific learning objective. 


Microlearning nuggets are imparted in several ways. They could be designed to work as an individual training (like a specific learning aid designed for the moment), or as a part of a full volume of training to be imparted over the course of time. 

Modern versions of microlearning are offered on mobile devices, making it convenient for the employees to learn on the go. 

The components of microlearning capsules usually include high impact videos, animations, infographics, engaging content, interactive sessions, etc. 

So why is microlearning considered so relevant for the corporate world?

Following are some key factors that favor the microlearning mode of training:

  • The need to address the challenge of diminishing learner attention spans-  Modern-day employees/learners have very short attention spans and prefer training modules that are engaging and yet short enough for them to imbibe in one go. 
  • Helps the learners achieve specific goals- Bigger goals when broken down into smaller targets are easier to achieve. When learners are given short, nugget sized training to achieve an immediate target, the information is easy to absorb. 
  • Possible while addressing other tasks- Multitasking is the need of the world. And when you can quickly take a short piece of training while managing your other commitments, the process becomes more convenient. 

The Value of Gamified Microlearning Activities

Gamification makes use of the principles of gaming to meet certain learning objectives. 

The idea is to create a learning path that is fun, interspersed with challenges, feedbacks, rewards (like badges, higher levels, etc). Gamification, when used for learning, is a very efficient and engaging approach that has proven to achieve significant outcomes. 

When used right, gamification strategies are known to show higher completion rates along with better long term retention. 

While gamification has been used for eLearning needs, gamified microlearning is a completely new approach in the L&D world. 

The use of gamification along with microlearning can help bring out the following combined benefits:

  • Gamified microlearning activities can be used for formal training or simply in-time learning supports. 
  • Microlearning gamified nuggets can be used to leverage collaborative training.
  • Since the activities as planned as short, enjoyable tasks with a smaller, immediate objective, the results are often instant. 
  • Gamified microlearning results in higher long term information retention since it provides short training bites that are mingled with fun gaming elements.
  • High employee engagement levels are noticed when using these techniques. This is because the technique is focussed on providing highly relevant learning.
  • Higher engagement results in better completion rate. 

Key steps to combine the power of gamification and microlearning

Gamified microlearning leverages on the power of the two brilliant techniques to create an immersive learning format that adds value to corporate training objectives. 

So how do you actually design a gamified microlearning process?

Following is a quick guide to show you how to use the combined power of gamification and microlearning for corporate training needs:

1. Define the microlearning nuggets

The first step is to look out for the microlearning bites that can be designed to deliver various learning objectives. Microlearning nuggets can be used individually or in a series or even in a combination. The key objectives are to offer learnings on theory, application, testing, or social/collaborative learning. 

2. Design the nugget details depending on the objectives

The nuggets need to be designed as well as categorized based on the overall objective. Learners could use the nuggets to just watch and learn, practice, test their knowledge or enhance learning and learn new things. 

3. Create a combined format for gamification and microlearning

 Now that your microlearning nuggets are all identified, its time to make use of the combined powers of gamification and microlearning. 

Following are some ways to create a combined approach to be used in corporate training:

The use of incentives

 Incentives can be of great value to create a personalized performance indicator within the gamified training process. Microlearning nuggets can be created and learners can be motivated to achieve particular performance levels by using elements like points, badges or other forms of recognition. 


Following are some examples that may be used as gamified microlearning incentives:

  • Badges or stars for different activity/learning levels (signified by different microlearning nugget)
  • Providing cues through the microlearning process where learners can assess the improvement areas and work on them to gain more stars/points/badges.

Create personalized learning paths/graphs

It is important to design microlearning nuggets so as to be more relevant to the employee or the group of employees using it. Nuggets can also be designed to address the problems frequently faced by the employees within their learning path. 

gamified microlearning

Creating nuggets that are interwoven within a personalized learning graph can have significant positive benefits. The employees relate better to the gaming process and are able to retain the information provided through the microlearning nuggets. 

Ensure that your gamified microlearning bites have the following features:

  • Personalized learning graph
  • All microlearning nuggets have individual point/star/badge system to create a level. 
  • Learners are able to view their progress frequently and are provided with cues to increase their level/points, etc. 

Assess learner behavior and offer feedback to improve performance

Real-time feedbacks are one of the most important elements of gamification. When using this in combination with microlearning, you could design small remedial or correction nuggets in a gamified format. 

Additionally, various gamified challenges can be given in the form of microlearning nuggets for assessments. Eventually, the re-work sessions and even the practice sessions can be created as microlearning nuggets which are gamified. 

Each practice session could be a stand-alone gamified microlearning nugget or a part of a series of connected nuggets in a common learning path. 

Other examples that could be used to offer feedback and improve the performance include the use of scenario-based gamified microlearning nuggets. This helps the employees assess the scenario and give a preferred solution to gain points/badge or move on to the next level. 

Recommended new learning nuggets based on the learner’s performance can be offered after each training session.  

Include content to provide deeper levels of information

Curated content that provides the learners in-depth information on the key topics covered in a microlearning nugget can be provided. 

As a part of the gamifying technique, you could allocate points to each of such curated content and give rewards/badges on completion of a detailed session. 

Final thoughts: 

Microlearning based training has seen a wide acknowledgment in the corporate world, especially so with the increased use of mobile learning that has been noticed in the last decade. 

Additionally, the use of gamification techniques for corporate learning has also seen a huge surge. Online training is no longer limited to desktops and laptops. It isn’t even necessary to learn during work hours or within your workplace anymore. 

Mobile technologies are being adopted to create learner-friendly training techniques. The combination of gamification, microlearning and mobile devices has been a perfect solution. Gamified microlearning hence facilitates the present learner’s need to “learn on the go”!

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