Does Gamification Increase Engagement?

As suggested by the Review 42 survey, a massive 70 per cent people across the globe do not feel engaged with their job. Does gamification increase engagement and does it really have the ability to improve performance?


Gamification is rapidly covering newer grounds. As per the TalentLMS survey, 89 per cent of employees feel more productive, and 88 per cent feel happier at work due to its introduction in their work life. Not only that, but the Review 42 survey also suggested that 72 per cent of employees claim that it inspires them to work harder.

Gamification is a proven performer when it comes to consumer engagement as well. As per Gallup’s B2B report, 29 per cent of B2B customers are entirely engaged, whereas the rest 71 per cent are willing to leave if they get a better offer.

Another Gallup report suggests that the brands which are successfully able to engage their customers have 63 per cent lower customer attrition and 55 per cent higher share of wallet. Most of them are employing gamified strategies to cover lost ground.

So how do gamification strategies improve engagement? 

Following are the ways by which gamified strategies can improve engagement –

1. Helps in educating users

Gamification can be engaging if you use it to provide meaningful information to the users. 

If the users don’t learn anything from it, they won’t show their willingness to add it to their already hectic curriculum. Especially if it is for kids, it can help them learn subtle life lessons without having the realization. Learning is a never-ending process, and if you use it as your primary tool, it is sure to have your users hooked.


2. Rewarding users 

Giving out rewards is a great way to keep your users engaged. With the help of gamification, brands can try and lure customers by offering giveaways, gift cards, badges or dining points. 


In addition to small gifts, you can conduct sweepstakes, where the rewards are pricier. Buzz Points CEO, Dwayne Spradlin says “Hosting a sweepstake allows anyone who uses [your] product [or] service or is a member to be rewarded for their loyalty.”

3. Let the users decide

A productive way to retain users is to give them the power to choose. 

With gamification, users get to determine what they want to do. If you take away the control from them, most of them will feel disinterested and start looking wayward. Instead, give them at least two options and let them decide if they want to take the former or the latter.

4. Gives them a sense of achievement

Who doesn’t like to be at the top of the leaderboard? Even if it is for the minutest of the things, there is a sense of pride attached to it. 

Gamification helps users by giving them a sense of achievement when they cross a hurdle or when they score the highest points. It is a great morale booster which will push the users to come back and achieve more. 

5. Helps them to set goals for themselves

Modern fast paced lives are a struggle that is hard to manage. 

When we are a part of a gamified atmosphere, there are usually goals along with time allotted for each milestone. It lets the users know that they must complete the goal within a specific time, and there can be no laggards about it. It can be great for employees who often fail to reach their targets due to their unrushed approach.

6. It makes them compete

You would have noticed various friends and colleagues using fitness apps. These apps not just help them to improve their physical health but also motivate them to compete with others using the app. 

Participants and users love to collect points on these apps which can be redeemed later. 

And not just in the fitness department, various corporate enterprises are not using similar play based apps to motivate their employees, teach them about healthy competition and help them grow. 

Gamification does that to you; it helps in inculcating a sense of competition, be it in the education environment, or work, or anywhere else.

7. It gives them the much-required breathing space

Be it education or work life, the pressure of achievement is something we can’t really ignore. People are continually looking for ways to escape.

What if we lend them a way to breathe without losing out on their precious work time or studying time? It is what makes gamification techniques so essential, and a must-have in our day to day life. 


Increased user/employee/customer engagement is perhaps the most important goal of learning. Even if organizations don’t opt for full-on gamification, they can use it occasionally. It is a proven performer, and there are hardly any chances of you going wrong when you lend your trust to it.

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