What are the Benefits of Gamification?

The word “Gamification” is on every marketer’s/educationist’s/entrepreneur’s lips, and they are all busy to make the best use of it. The benefits of gamification more significant when you realize that the traditional methods are no longer producing the same results. 

In fact, as per a Digital Marketing World Forum survey, around 58 percent of the survey participants do not consider online ads and marketing influence to be worthy enough anymore.

So how do we deal with this precarious scenario?

By adding gamification to the mix.

Gamification utilizes the basic instinct of most human beings to play in order to deliver the requisite learning without them even realizing it.

Top 5 benefits of gamification

Following is a list of notable benefits of gamification, irrespective of the scenario for which it is utilized.

  1. It helps in adults’ cognitive as well as physical development

What happens when we push our brains to solve a puzzle?

It becomes more active and open to new ideas. This happens as a result of increased dopamine levels (mood-enhancing hormone) in the brain which triggers curiosity and a zeal to learn.


With gamification, especially with the help of “brain games”, organizations are looking for cognitive development of their employees. These games help in improving the capability of an individual to find out a solution to a real-life problem.

It is not only about cognitive development; Gamification, if adequately implemented, helps in physical growth as well. Another advantage of gamification is trying to make people work harder, physically to achieve specific targets, which ensures that the users are physically improving too.

2. It brings about better learning experiences

Gamification techniques are a proven performer when it comes to building an overall better learning experience. With it, you can hold the user’s attention for a longer span of time, and you can motivate them to achieve their goals. Be it for a toddler or an adult, gamification techniques make learning fun and overall more effective.

At times, professionals integrate gamified strategies in such a way that the users won’t even realize that they are learning something new.

Knowledge is no longer the person in contention; it becomes the by-product, which makes it easier to gulp without the need for any stressful throwdowns. You are no longer learning intending to learn. Instead, you are playing games with the purpose to learn.

3. It allows the users to understand the real-world application

Even though gamification is about virtual games and tasks, it is also in sync with the practical world application and benefits of the subjects involved.

You are given a selection on several occasions, and you can see how your chosen ways pan out. You get rewards for performing well and vice-versa. It is your choices that define the result, be it in the virtual world or the real world.

Besides, it allows you to explore a topic in detail, along with its real-life application. It ensures that you know the hooks and the crooks when you go out in your day-to-day life dealing with the subject in contention and fare out better than expected.

4. Improvement in retention

Gamification is of several types, but the underlying aim of each of these is the same, i.e. to push knowledge into the minds of the users.


Earlier, the techniques that we used were extremely stressful at times and failed to have the impact that we wanted them to have. The new world techniques promise better retention due to the utilization of stress-free methods that is more conducive to preservation.

Gamification in eLearning is a significant boost for the professionals as it has opened a new world of techniques for them.

They are using it to convert passive observers into active participants. They are also of the opinion that it has made teaching easier by mixing important information with easy-to-understand gaming scenarios. What it means is that they can now push vital information to the long-term memory without you even realizing it.

5. It helps in maintaining consumer relationships

A relationship is productive when it is mutually beneficial. So when you are trying to push the latest strategy to your customers, there must be some benefit involved for them as well or the fizz will die soon.

Gamification is mutually beneficial, and that is its biggest strength. You can use it to reward your employees in various manners while educating them about what you do and how you do it.

Here is how it helps in maintaining and improving consumer relationships –

  • Introduction of personalized content
  • Leaderboard stats
  • Friendly competitions
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Secret Rewards

Wrapping up

Gamification is useful in far more ways than we can ever realize. Brands are fast realizing its importance and are inculcating it into their environment, be it with their employees or their customers. 

Since gamification alone is not capable of improving sales, it is used in conjunction with other techniques to ensure that the brands achieve the desired output.

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